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Published on August 6, 2018


After the crisis, the condos began to become cheaper, and this process is likely not to stop. Now the buyer ruled the market in the housing market. According to gloomy forecasts of the analytical center “Indicators of the real estate market”, the situation will not change until 2024. This does not mean that in such times it is impossible to sell an apartment quickly and profitably. Here are some simple and effective tips to help you sell your house seamlessly at potential margins:

1. Determine the Price

Before you put a condo up for sale, understand how much you will do it. What’s important here is not how you estimate your property and how much money you plan to get for it, but how much someone is willing to pay for it. To learn the real value of property square per foot is not difficult. Open the real estate sites with ads (for example, Zillow, Trulia, and RedFin). There, look for similar proposals. Call on the given phone numbers to find out the prices of the seller. You can call the real estate agency and introduce yourself as their potential client. Then you will come to a specialist who will tell you how many margins you can get. On some sites, there is an online evaluation of the apartment. You drive a city, address, and you are given a range of the cost of an apartment. The estimate here, of course, will be very approximate, but the general idea of ​​how much money you can get from the sale will still appear.

You can contact the services of valuation companies. They will approach the matter professionally, for example with formulas, to calculate the price of housing more precisely. And even give you an evaluation album – this is such a large report on many pages where the rationale for estimating the cost of the condo will be presented.

2. Making the Right Photo

Sale of a condo begins with the fact that you advertise about it on specialized websites and in printed publications. Here, in addition to a clear text with a description of the object, you need good photos of the condo. They are better to do in daylight on a high-quality camera. When selling a large real estate property, it is a good idea to make the most of professional photographers. But even if you put on the market a modest, photos should be presentable and give a full picture of the apartment. Dark, vague pictures of your property would not be suitable.

Another tip of professionals: in the frame, there should not be unnecessary details and even more so of things. For example, lying on chairs or sofa clothes, a half-eaten breakfast on the table, or some kind of house trash in the corners.

3. Looking for a Chip

Each condo has some features that can attract buyers. Find such chips. It can be a wonderful view from the window, a large balcony, a kindergarten or a school nearby, a cozy green courtyard. List these pluses in the ad. They will be an argument in favor of your price and will simply attract the attention of buyers.

4. Everything Starts With the Entrance

Want to get more money from selling an condo – carefully inspect the entrance. Littering cigarette butts and painted walls can scare off buyers. Of course, you do not need to repair in general places, but at least remove the garbage, wash the floor and screw (at least for a while) a light bulb on the staircase will not hurt.

5. More Light

Making a condo more pleasant for the eyes is highly imperative. You can easily play with light. Dark houses, in the majority of the cases, spark depressive thoughts, which undoubtedly will not lead to the desire to buy it. Dirty windows and torn curtains will look extremely uncomfortable. On the contrary, potential buyers are always ready to negotiate a suitable price for the apartment when they know they will be pleased to live in it.

6. Offer Bonuses

Everyone is pleased when they are given gifts. If you are not going to take a microwave, air conditioner or a bookcase from your condo, offer the buyer to leave them to him/her for free – as a gift.

Some sellers offer to leave household appliances with surcharge. If it is in good condition, then why not. When it comes to a million deal, a few thousand rubles already do not solve anything, and some buyers will purchase your refrigerator or washing machine in addition to the condo. But if you have not been able to sell your home for several months already, think about whether it’s worth taking a trifle: maybe just a free refrigerator and make a potential buyer decide in your favor.

7. Smile!

It is better to be present at the show at the condo. And here it is very important to locate potential buyers. If you look sad and inhospitable, angry and mumbling, or something unintelligible about the reasons for the sale, many people will push it away for purchasing. A positive and open person, ready to show everything, to tell about himself (in moderation), renders more confidence and desire to make a good deal with the buyers.

8. Repair – Purely Cosmetic

Do or not do repairs before selling? There is no unambiguous answer. Of course, the ceiling with smudges will scare the buyers. But to spend money on expensive repairs is a thing that is undeniably unprofitable. Attachments absolutely do not justify themselves. It is enough to paste inexpensive wallpaper, whitewash the ceiling and throw away old furniture. This will win the competition for those condo that look like a grandmother’s option.

Before viewing, try to free the condo from personal effects. Your favorite vases are dear to you. The buyer can have their own preferences. And of course, you need to hide your personal belongings away from prying eyes. Let the buyer in his imagination already draws himself/herself as the owner (then he/she will rather buy it) – other people’s objects will interfere with it.

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